Dennis Froese, founder of Froese Insulation Ltd.

I have over 20 years of experience in the insulation business in British Columbia and Alberta. Working in these provinces has honed my attention to detail with installing insulation: with the damp conditions in B.C. and the cold winters in Alberta, proper installation of insulation is critical. Froese Insulation Ltd. was incorporated in 2016.

My team & I work for discerning homebuilders and contractors who want to maximize the value of their insulation. I believe that we provide the very best installation of insulation in the Vancouver area, and my team has a very high attention to detail.

When we install insulation, we are carefully ensuring the insulation is doing its job to insulate your space: we fill the entire wall, ceiling, or floor cavity and cut or shape the insulation around every obstruction (i.e. wires/boxes/pipes). If the insulation is not cut or shaped around the obstructions, and is compressed around the obstructions, the R-value of the insulation can be depressed by up to 20%–thus costing you more money to heat or cool the space.

We also create a perfect seal of poly laps and poly to framing with acoustical sealant and we always achieve a very high degree of air-tightness. This degree of air-tightness is especially important in Vancouver, where a pressurizing or depressurizing air-test is necessary to pass code and ensure the home is fit for occupancy.

The result of our work is an energy-efficient, well-insulated space, which decreases risk of mold, and protects your investment and your building’s structure.

If you want to learn more about how we can help your space to be more comfortable and cost-effective, click here to visit our Services page.